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Types Of Hair Extensions

August 01, 2018

Types Of Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are a very popular way for women to give their hair length and fullness. There are many different options to choose from, and you may be wondering what options are available.

I will discuss four methods for installing hair extensions below:


Extensions that you clip in are the most convenient and quickest way to achieve beautiful flowing hair. As their name suggests, you simply clip them to your hair to give you a new look.

You should put them along the horizontal section of your head. Based on the volume and length of your natural hair, you can determine the number of clip-in extensions you will need.

clip in extensions- rich beauty


These extensions are very similar to clip-ins because they’re simple to wear and quick to install. However, the installation method is different.

These types of extensions use double-sided tape. This lets you secure them on your original hair and roots. To achieve a look that’s fuller, you can place your extensions on each other.

tape in extension- rich beauty

Keratin Bond

When you plan to wear your extensions consistently and for a longer length of time, a keratin bond is a good option. This will involve installing micro strands of hair using keratin near your roots with heat. This will ensure that the extensions will be firmly attached, as well as blending and appearing much more natural with your own hair.

The biggest challenge with this hair extension technique is that it may not be possible to condition or heat the tips, doing so will cause the bond to become weak.  This method requires a lot of salon maintenance.

keratin bonded extension - rich beauty


This method is achieved by creating braids for weft hair extensions are knotted and sewn with a needle and thread. Women who have very thick or curly hair will do well with this installment option because it entails having a lot of weight to your hair.

double weft extension - rich beauty


If you are planning to get extensions, remember that you want to ensure that you have healthy hair to support the extensions. As for the method, think about why you want them and how much upkeep you’re willing to do. No matter which option you prefer, Rich Beauty is ready to assist you!

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