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4 Tips To Maintain Natural Hair While Wearing Extensions

July 06, 2018 1 Comment

4 Tips To Maintain Natural Hair While Wearing Extensions

Summer is here, and a nice protective style is the best way to go!  As a naturalista with thick and coarse hair, extensions have always given the perfect combination of versatility and protection. Keeping your hair protected and healthy should always be a top priority especially when it’s in a protective style. To ensure that you are able to maximize growth and strength there are several tips you should live by to maintain my natural hair while wearing extensions and today I’m willing to share them.

 Tip #1:

Avoid extremely tight braids. Tight braids can put unnecessary stress on the roots of your hair. That stress can cause breakage and with breakage comes hair loss and no one wants that. Therefore, when you get extensions you want to make sure they aren’t so tight that your head hurts.

 Tip #2:

Wash weave and natural hair regularly. Many believe that when wearing a protective style, you don’t have to wash your natural hair. This is false. To maintain your natural hair and regulate growth you must wash your hair and weave regularly. Your scalp needs to remain clean in order to prosper. Once you’ve done this just be sure to let both your braids and weave dry completely.

 Tip #3:

Always keep your hair moisturized before and after installing extensions. Leave in conditioner or deep conditioning is your best friend. Moisturizing your hair while wearing extensions is just as important for when you’re not wearing extensions. Keeping your hair moisturized helps you avoid having dry and brittle hair. This helps minimize breakage as well. Once you’ve moisturized, be sure to massage the scalp and to add oil to your natural hair only. This way all sections of your natural hair is shown equivalent love. Just think, when you moisturize and oil your hair there’s a smaller chance of itchy and annoying scalp.

 Tip #4

Only wear extensions for no more than 3 months. Letting your hair breathe is essential to maintaining your natural while wearing extensions. The constant stress of braids and being buried underneath hair can cause your natural hair to become weak. Many people even take their extensions out after 6 weeks to be safe. The longer the hair is in the protective style the more hair may shed, this can lead to tangles and more stress on your hair than needed.

Overall, no matter the style of your hair it’s always important to show your natural hair some tender love and care. So, the next time you’re getting your extensions from Rich Beauty remember these tips because I’m sure you want your natural hair to maintain its health and prosper.  


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October 31, 2018

What an interesting article. I found the tips very helpful and will surely implement some of them.

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