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3 Signs Your Hair Needs Protein!

August 18, 2018 1 Comment

3 Signs Your Hair Needs Protein!

Hair is an extension of every woman's beauty. We spend so much time in the hair salon styling our hair into various beautiful looks. Unfortunately, as much as we do this you would find that we pay little attention to the basic needs of our hair.

Your hair should be as healthy as every other part of your body. Healthy hair does not just become healthy it has to be maintained, moisturized, and treated properly. One of the basic needs of hair is protein. The hair needs protein to remain strong and supple.

Protein deficiency in hair can leave you with a lot of hair problems such as damaged hair, split ends, and hair breakage. If left unchecked it gets difficult to style your hair the way you desire.

You may be wondering, how do you know you need to apply a protein treatment for hair? Here are some signs that show your hair needs a protein treatment.

The Bounce Back

If you are a naturalist then your hair probably bounces more than most. The bounce back refers to the elasticity of your hair which can determine if it's healthy or not.

Wet your hair with water and stretch a few strands. If your hair bounces back then it has a balanced health. However, if it breaks or hangs limp then you need protein treatment as soon as possible.

 Severe Hair Breakage or Shedding

Severe hair breakage or shedding can be noticed if you comb the hair when it is wet or dry. A large mass of hair comes off with the comb and sometimes hair is also shed on your clothes, pillow, or basically everywhere.

 These are signs your hair lacks protein and strength. You need a hair moisturizer and protein treatment to strengthen the strands and revitalize them.

Dry Texture

Hair can sometimes be prone to dryness but when your hair feels sandpaper dry or like seaweed then it is unhealthy. Your hair should be soft to touch but strong.

Most times unhealthy dry hair is caused by improper diet and coloring the hair too frequently. When you observe this sign, revitalize the hair with a protein treatment.

Common reasons for any of these signs and symptoms include frequent or improper treatment with heated styling equipment, diet, coloring hair, and relaxing hair.

Protein treatments are necessary for your hair to always stay strong and lustrous. You can also use a light protein treatment if you feel your hair is quite healthy already.




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October 31, 2018

I could never understand why my hair break so fast and why it’s so dry, after reading this article I know it needs Protein.

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