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2018 Hair Trends!

October 15, 2018 1 Comment

2018 hair trends-rich beauty

You don't need luscious locks or dramatic lengths to sport the hottest hair trends of 2018. Yes, that’s right!

With the incorporation of high-quality hair extensions, you can switch it up as often as you'd like without anyone knowing your secret. Get ready to take notes, here is a list of our favorite hair trends for this year.

Roots That Make a Statement: Roots peeping through? Let them be! Typically, most would rush to conceal any new growth, these days it's all about letting it show.

Want to use hair extensions to create a fierce root look? Try dying virgin hair with a brush, leaving at least an inch of roots to peek through.

dark roots - rich beauty

Bright Hues: This year beauty gurus and hair connoisseurs are all obsessing over rainbow hues. Most colors that are being featured on runways these days are brighter, shinier and more lustrous than before.

Bright colors are a great choice for ladies who like to keep up with the times while showing their creative side!

bright colors - rich beauty

Fun & Flirty Bangs: There's something just so flirty and feminine about a bang when done correctly. To rock this look, we recommend using Brazilian hair, as it has a thick texture that is ideal for styles with bangs.

bangs 2 - rich beauty

Chunky Braids: Looking for an easy but cute hairstyle you can wear when either running around during the day or heading out for the night? Braids are totally in this year, the chunkier the better!

braids - rich beauty

Make all your hair dreams come true. Purchase your virgin hair from Rich Beauty! We have a variety of lengths, textures, and origins. Shop online at www.shoprichbeauty.com  or call us at 888-256-1461.


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October 29, 2018

I’m really liking these hairstyles! I personally really like the bright hues and braids. Maybe the braids and color mixed together?

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